Three questions for Katie Doyle

61u2US+jXgLTell us about the inspiration behind your book and the journey towards publication.
Oh inspiration! My inspiration for this book was quite simple: my plump, quirky house cat’s antics and the vibrant city of Miami (and of course a lifelong love for writing). I didn’t realize until after the book was published and I was describing Miu to people, but he is in a way created in the likeness of me when I first moved away from Ohio. There were so many new languages, foods, cultural practices, etc. that I had never been exposed to! I also started to recognize how this new global economy has connected us in a way that we have never before experienced. I have seen firsthand how important it is to learn another language(s) and to understand and embrace other cultures. This book is a way to begin the conversation with your child about other cultures and to expose them to a new language. If “Miu Over Miami” sparks only one child’s curiosity to learn another language or branch out and try something new I will feel fulfilled!

How did you learn about Read to Learn Books for Free, and why did you decide to partner with the program?
I learned about the program by Googling! I knew that I wanted to give back to the community and support a local organization that promoted children’s literacy. With this goal in mind I just started to Google local organizations and found Read to Learn. Once I read about its goals, mission, and vision I knew that it was the perfect organization to partner with!

Where will Miu’s next adventures take him and his trusty sidekick, Tigre El Grande?
My goal is to take Miu and Tigre all over the world! When I first had the idea to write this book I knew it was more than just one book; it was meant to be a series, and with that in mind the sky is the limit! Miu’s goal is to open up children’s curiosity to learn a new language and experience new cultures, and with that the possibilities are endless. Although my intuition says we will do a few more U.S. cities and then go global. L.A., Seattle, Austin and Paris are all top of mind!


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